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Sample Projects

Vis Activa's Learning & Development Solutions for the Workplace

Vis Activa clients represent a broad spectrum of sizes, services, and histories. But one belief they all share is that organizational excellence can only be achieved when individuals are given the development and tools they need to build strong relationships, navigate the noise, and activate their inner drive and motivation.


Below you will find some examples of the type of work I do with organizations.  If you want to talk about how I might help your organization, please reach out or click the button below to schedule a free consultation.


Management Development

Leadership starts with leading yourself. Learn how to unlock your unique leadership blueprint and then put it into practice with simple habits that express your best in the moment.


Instructional Design + Strategy

Leverage neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and sociology to deliver the best learning experiences.



Teach in-house subject matter experts how to effectively facilitate learning and expand your ability to deliver meaningful knowledge transfer and behavior change.


Learning for Engagement

Don't just track your engagement results; use employee feedback to develop a culture where the work aligns with human design.

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