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What I Specialize In

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Pave Your Way to the Life You Crave

When life is left to its own devices, it can be complicated and stressful one day, and productive and rewarding the next. You never quite know which one you're going to get!


And while this gamble might seem like an exciting way to live, over time you can wind up feeling more like you're in a game of survival against the daily grind.


I'm here to help you get more of those good days with simple practices you can start using today.

Discover a Better Approach to
Your Wellbeing 

Engage the Power of Your Human Dynamics 

Build Sustainable Habits that Sustain You

Tap into the Wisdom in Your Emotions

Bring More Meaning

 to Your Actions 

Get Support from Personalized Feedback

Meet Michelle Sterling
Founder, Vis Activa®

Award-Winning Corporate Trainer, Learning Strategist, Change Facilitator and widely respected Professional Development Coach.

For more than 30 years, I have helped individuals and teams achieve their professional goals and find personal success through employer-offered training and development programs.  


In this work, I gained a deep understanding of the human dynamics at play in the workplace, and their impact (both positively and negatively) on your overall sense of wellbeing.


My work with thousands of individuals and small groups has shown that finding true value in living starts with tapping into your own drive and motivation.  That's where everything good begins.


To get there takes internal effort and external support.  You need focused time, access to the right tools, honest feedback, and opportunities to learn in real time so it sticks.

That's what I provide.

If you're ready to live the life you crave, please reach out and let's talk about how I can best support you. 

noun \
ˈviz ˈak-tiv-ə

The unique spark that activates

your inner drive + motivation.

Every person was born with this unique inner spark that, when activated, fuels their inner drive + motivation and helps them move forward on their path by creating more authentic experiences, aligned with who they truly are and what they want to bring to life.

Learn what it takes to activate yours.
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Every path starts
with an intentional choice.
Take your first step today.

“When I hired Michelle, I got the luxury of getting someone who was seasoned and well-networked.  When you are lucky enough to find someone with those two things, there is nothing they can’t do.”

“Michelle helps people get to the bottom of who they are and helps them define what their future looks like—literally spending that kind of time with people to find what
makes me them happy.”

"Michelle understands what it is like to be held back from achieving your maximum potential, and has
experienced the magic of what it's like when companies 'get it right' and put programs and people into action."

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